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Climatic and mechanical testing

Testing Centre “Omega” being a branch of Radio Research and Development Institute of Russian Federation (NIIR) is an independent ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. Wide range of test equipment used by qualified and experienced engineers of TC “Omega” make possible testing of various equipment on compliance with National standards of Russian Federation and International standards such as (and not only):

GOST 16019;
GOST 16962.1 / 16962.2;
GOST 11478;
GOST 20.57.406
GOST 28203;
GOST 28213;
GOST 28215;
GOST 28220;
GOST 28231
EUROCAE ED-62 / ED 14;
Military Standard 810;
EN/IEC 60529;
EN/IEC 60068 series.
Using available equipment TC “Omega” is capable to simulate various climatic and mechanical conditions for equipment with the weight up to 500 kg in the working volume up to 8 m3, such as:

  1. Environmental testing:

Cold up to -75 °С;
Dry heat up to +250 °С;
Thermal shock;
Change of temperature (gradient);
Humidity (up to 100%) and change of humidity;
Damp heat;

  1. Salt mist.
  2. Mechanical shock (acceleration up to 1000g, duration up to 30 ms).
  3. Vibration (broad-band random vibration, sinusoidal vibration, combined testing – imposing of sinus at broad-band random vibration, sinusoidal vibration of the constant or sliding frequency at containment of the constant amplitude or acceleration, acceleration up to 100 g, frequency up to 5000 Hz).
  4. Sand and dust.
  5. Atmosperic pressure:

high air pressure (up to 784,5 kPa);
hydrostatic pressure (up to 40 atm.);
low pressure (up to 4 kPa).

  1. Dripping/ spraying / splashing water and water jets.
  2. Immersion into the water.
  3. Flow over by the sea wave.
  4. Ingress Protection Rating (IP).

Testing in TC “Omega” will contribute to improve your product and to make product ready for the various stress factors which it can meet being used in extreme environment.