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Radio and telecommunications

n accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation all radio and communication equipment used in the telecommunication networks is subjected to the mandatory conformity assessment. Conformity assessment procedure for radio and communication equipment is regulated by the following documents:

  • Federal Law “On Communications”, dt. July 7, 2003; No. 126-FL
  • Executive Order of the Russian Federation Government dt. April 13, 2005; No. 214 “On approval of the rules of the organization and work performance for compulsory conformity
     assessment of communication facilities”
  • Executive Order of the the Russian Federation Government dt. June 25, 2009; No. 532 “On approval of the list of communications facilities being a subject of mandatory certification”.

Network switching systems, digital transport systems, billing systems, equipment for the network control and monitoring, radio base stations and routing equipment are the subjects of the mandatory certification under the supervision of the Federal Communication Agency of the Russian Federation.

Equipment used in the telecommunications network, but not assigned to the list of the mandatory certification, is a subject of the mandatory conformity assessment with registration of Declarations of conformity by the Federal Communication Agency of the Russian Federation. Declaration to be performed for the terminal equipment, such as cordless DECT phones, cellular phones and modems of GSM, UMTS, LTE standards, wireless modules of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies etc.

Testing on conformity with the national Regulations in the duly accredited test laboratory in the Russian Federation is an essential part of the mandatory conformity assessment procedure for the equipment used in radio and communication networks.

Testing Center “Omega” being a branch of the Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR) with its qualified personnel, test equipment and status of the technically competent and independent ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory and is specialized on testing of the radio and communication equipment.

Our experts are in charge of assistance in prompt and cost-effective Testing and Certification and of preparing of all necessary documents for the registration of Declarations of conformity in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation.Up-to-date measuring and test equipment, as well as 40 years of experience make possible to perform testing of the various equipment, such as:GSM, UMTS, DMR, TETRA, DECT, WiMAX, CDMA and LTE base stations, repeaters and terminal equipment;Analogue and Digital TV and Radio broadcasting equipment;Wireless data transmission equipment of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n+ac and ad, 802.15 Bluetooth and ZigBee standards;Satellite communication and navigation equipment including GPS, GLONASS, Inmarsat, Globalstar & Iridium;Radio frequency identification and short range devices (SRD, RFID, NFC), antennas, amplifiers, splitters and so on;Ethernet 10/100/1000/10G Base-T/TX/FX/LX/SX/FX switching and routing equipment;Data transmission equipment using xDSL, ISDN, CWDM, SDH / PDH, VoIP & SIP;Telecommunication servers, power supply systems e.t.c.